Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For women only, our exclusive club.

There are days when a Woman just feels Blah. The house, blah. The car, blah. Shopping, blah. Talking, blah. TV, blah. The computer, blah. Family, blah. A book, blah. For me- photography, blah. Blah, blah, blah.

A sort of dark mental cloud brims and it envelops our mind. Nothing feels good, not even eating. It's normally a day or two when a woman just wants to crawl back into bed, bring the blanket up to her chin and close her eyes indefinitely, at least until someone yanks the blanket back and yells "you! it's time to get moving!!' be it a small child, significant other, or her inner voice, every woman has days like this, it's a shared thing. We all know that day, it's overly common, from age 13 to 100, and there is nothing, honestly, we want to do about it.

So when this day takes hold of me, I usually retreat to a comfortable spot, the bed is one place, the back lawn is another, the couch is always welcoming, it really depends on the weather. With children, its definitely harder for these days to be peaceful, they don't get why mommy is curled up, looking into space, detached from them. I take comfort in that my daughters will know this feeling of Blah, and hopefully they will reflect and say, " yep, I know how mom felt on those days" I get now why my mother had these days, and I'm sure she understands her own mother's day's of Blah, and so on.

The Blah's only last about one to two days, it's nothing to be worried about. Unless a woman is prone to long lasting depression, the average gal will have these days once a month every year of her life when the cycle of life starts. By that, you know, the cycle is something that women are exclusive too, it mystifies men, and we don't really care. No matter what differences women have, no matter what disagreements we might have, we all agree that our exclusive cycle club is something that is ours and we do what we want with it. So the men in our lives, dad's, brothers, husbands, everyday dudes, just have to deal with it, and know it something they can't change, nor should want too. The war of the sexes is something that has raged since the dawn of the thinking human, but women have always won the Blah battles. What battle has the man won exclusively? I can't think of any.

Around two days after the Blahs have evaporated, renewed energy surges and we feel like we can change our world. A Mental clean-up takes charge and everything looks brighter. New projects start, things get done, and we are ready to start afresh.

I for one like the days of Blah, not until after they are over mind you, because while in them, I don't want to think about anything good or happy, I don't want to think at all. I mean, recovered from the days of Blah, I'll write again. I wake up early eager to go. I pick up my camera and take some photos. I talk with my children about what we are going to do, and who we should go see. I feel like I can clean the house in one shot, and organize the closet. I want to clip coupons and shop and feel savvy about saving money. I want to take charge, and I suppose that is what the days of Blah is supposed to do, a metal break for feeling good the rest of the month.

So, as my daughters grow, and get closer to the days of Blah, I will brace myself for it. Three women in the house with the Blahs? uh oh. no matter, I will be there to offer my daughters the blanket, climb in next to them and tuck it up under our chins.