Friday, January 21, 2011

To do, or not to do, that is the question.

Pet Portraiture. KFrench Photography.
To do or not to do.
I love it, I want to do it.
Get started Karen. Damn nerves.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Blogging seems so easy for others, who lets say, have the gift of gab. That guy or gal who can write and talk, and really, honestly make sense. I have friends who do, and what they have to say very often is spectacular, a lot of the time I need to read their blog twice, or ask again, for my brain to wrap around. Its never them, it's always me. When talking face to face, they must think me a dummy, I guess. LOL. I dunno. But it is always inspiration to learn more. If I don't get something entirely, I use the dictionary or Thesaurus to get the gist of what is said. I feel that has been the most useful tool through out my life. That, and Spell Check, yes spell check is our friend, why doesn't every one get that I always wonder?

Well, being inspired by my long time friend, I should perhaps start with the much used list, you know the one, that's been circulation since the beginning of e-mail. It probably started before that, but I don't recall seeing it in pen/pencil form. Wait, would that have been a "slam book"? Wait, let me check Wikipedia...


"Ten things you don't know about me"

1> I am a San Francisco Bay Area Native. Born and raised in San Mateo, and slowly migrated south to San Jose over the years.

2> I am by no means a Kitchen Person. The joke around my house is that I could keep a person alive with my cooking, that's about it. For many years now, I have tried, without any success to become a kitchen person. I told my husband this before we married, he knew, he knew.

3> Even though I have a sign on my wall that says "Drink more water!". I don't drink enough water.

4> I did lousy in school, but managed to get through. I think if I were to go to school today, it would be a whole different story. But, of course I don't have the time to go.

5> I was recently called a Earthquake Junkie. By all means, this description fits. I used to work for a Earthquake Engineering company in Redwood City. At that time in my life I got addicted to the feeling of Earthquakes and absolutely having to know where they strike around the world. Another person pointed out I "troll" the USGS. By all mean, this description fits. But it's a habit that doesn't hurt anyone, and there would be no reason to stop. No Dr. Phil intervention I think. Yes, of course I feel bummed out when I don't feel the latest EQ that is big enough to feel.

6> I am a cat person first, a dog person second, and every other animal person third. One of my criteria when dating, and looking for the right person to spend my life with, was that: a. he not be allergic to animals and: b. that he come from a family that had animals in their household just like my family did. My husband, among all the other criteria, he fit that to a tee.

7> But hang on Karen, that being said about animals, it should be known that I have pretty bad arachnophobia, and a deep, as deep as any ocean, fear of sharks.

8> I always wanted kids, but knew in my head that I didn't want them until after I turned 30. I did have my chance, but circumstances forced me to wait until I was 36 to get pregnant. I wish life had been a little less harsh, and I could have given birth a little sooner, but nope. Those who know me personally, know what I mean. But today, I wouldn't take it back a day, month, year. My kids mean the world to me, and I couldn't imagine anything with out them right now.

9> Photography, a serious hobby or a new career? Dang nerves, I never had nerves of steel. More like nerves of bendy-twist ties, they don't break, but they can be twisted over and over. Starting a Photography business is nerve wracking, and it's got me all twisted.

10> I truly believe in labeling everything. The future needs to know what the past has done. It's the only way. I found that I labeled everything even when I was a little girl, as if I knew that someday in the future I would look at what ever it was, and know when it was done. I knew that if I labled things, I would know how far I've actually come. There isn't a scrap of art from my 5 year old self, that doesn't include a date. I guess I've always looked forward. And the words, "learn from your past, don't repeat it, use the lesson taught, and move on", is pretty much my philosophy in life.

So that's me. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up this Blog. Having some friends who have their own, is certainly inspiring.